Westchester Flames Coaching Staff

Alessandro Persampieri

Coach: 2008 Elite and 2008 Premier

Anna Edwards

Coach: USL W

Evan Qatani

Coach: 2009 Elite and 2009 Premier

Jeff Fleischmann

Coach: 2006 Premier

John Sanchez

Coach: 2007 Premier

Jose Dos Santos

Coach: USL 2, USL A Reserve, 2007 Elite and 2010 Premier

Kevin Davis

Coach: USL A and USL 2 Reserve

Marcos Monteagudo

Assistant Coach: USL 2

Mariano Capparelli

Coach: Goalkeepers

Pablo Reyes

Coach: 2012 and 2013 Premier

Sean Kenny

Director of Coaching and Player Development

Winston Buddle

Coach: 2014 GT, 2013 GT and 2011 GTG