Contacts are below to schedule your tryouts:

TEAM U11 - TEAM 2006 ; Contact: John Halasz;

TEAM U12 - TEAM 2005 ; Contact: Adam Bench;

TEAM U13 - TEAM 2004 ; Contact: Troy Bilyeu;

TEAM U14 - TEAM 2003 ; Contact: Judith Gomez;

TEAM U15 - TEAM 2002 ; Contact: Lisa Henderson;

TEAM U16 - TEAM 2001 ; Contact Lisa Henderson;

TEAM U17 - TEAM 2000 ; Contact John Halasz;

TEAM U18 - TEAM 1999 ; Contact Tine Kryger;

TEAM U19 - TEAM 1998 ; Contact Eban DeChalus;

Westchester Flames Youth is a year-round program.       

Teams are forming now for youth players looking to add a competitive environment to challenge themselves in an elite level. The Flames youth program is not for everyone. It is for those that are committed and have the ambition, the desire, and the vision to always improve to reach the top.

Age groups listed below are current. Players looking for a team for the CURRENT 2015-2016 season are to click on appropriate age group to learn more.

The following age groups are for the CURRENT 2015-2016 season. Age groups below are current:

U10 Boys (Born 2006)

U12 Boys (Born 8/1/03 to 7/31/04)

U13 Boys (Born 8/1/02 to 7/31/03)

U14 Boys (Born 8/1/01 to 7/31/02)

U15 Boys (Born 8/1/00 to 7/31/01)

U16 Boys (Born 8/1/99 to 7/31/00)

U17 Boys (Born 8/1/98 to 7/31/99)

U18 Boys (Born 8/1/97 to 7/31/98)

U19 Boys (Born 8/1/96 to 7/31/97)

Westchester Flames Youth Select Team


Super-20 Season runs from mid-May to mid-July only

U20 Men (Born after January 1, 1996)